As you know for years now, my life and work have been devoted to developing Pentecostal community among, trafficked, prostituted and exploited women and girls.


Thank you for supporting and believing in me and the call of God on my life for world missions. Today, I get to introduce you to the next phase of our work together!!

As you know for years now, my life and work have been devoted to developing Pentecostal community among, trafficked, prostituted and exploited women and girls. As a team, we used mobile art studios and coffee shops, on the streets of red-light areas in Argentina along with prayer walks and commitment to building presence and fostering relationships with women in the districts who are not able to leave. Intentionally investing in relationships with business owners and workers in the districts has been a main area of focus and the way we (as a team) were able to be visible in the district without being a huge threat to pimps, madams and bouncers.

None of this was done alone. The local church, bible school students, missions interns and associates have been the backbone of Compassionate Justice. I love to preach, teach, train and especially mentor others who are passionately called and anointed to walk in obscure, dark places.

Knowing of the work of Compassionate Justice Dr. JoAnn Butrin, director of International Ministries -- AGWM, contacted me at the end of last year and asked if I would consider joining International Ministries. I ACCEPTED HER OFFER!!

“Brandy Wilson’s understanding of “best practice” in compassion and justice issues and her broad knowledge of the many factors that drive human trafficking make her invaluable to our International Ministries efforts to bring this training and understanding to missionaries, nationals and our own AG constituency”. -- Dr. JoAnn Butrin, Director International Ministries AGWM

This spring, I transferred within AGWM to International Ministries!! International Ministries (IM) serves to resource and walk with each region of Assemblies of God World Missions!! So, what I've been doing in one country, I will now have the privilege of teaching and helping to develop in multiple countries—globally. Over the next months, as this becomes more of a reality in practice, I'll be able to share more details. Right now, I'm holding on to the hand of Jesus and walking with him…if you remember, that is the theme of my life!! For several years I’ve had in my heart to travel and teach the principles used and developed by us as a Compassionate Justice team, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Walking with Jesus is predictably unpredictable…and I love that!!

Overwhelmed is one way to express my emotions right now. Please pray for me during this transition. Quite possibly the most exciting yet difficult transition of my missions life so far.

When I look back over the last three years, I can see how God must have had this in his mind way before he shared it with me :)
During General Council 2013, the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary along with the Women in Ministry department of headquarters honored me and chose to scholarship me for a spot in the Women's Cohort within the Doctorate of Ministry department. Mind you, I never applied to AGTS. The D.Min. department wanted to scholarship a female leader within our movement, and they chose me. I'm still trying to figure out what they saw in me would that inspire such a gift. But, I believe it was a gift from God. Their scholarship has helped uniquely qualify me to travel and teach and "make disciples of all nations." and I'm humbled. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm THRILLED to be on this journey with YOU!!